#3 Battle of Mutina - 43 BC (The Octavian Chronicles)

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Well, two years with The Story of Civilization taught me that the participants in this vital discussion group move right on even if the Discussion Leader is gone for a couple of days. So of course I wasn't surprised that you continued with much gusto. And they weren't just mundane postings either. Your remarks were all filled with profound thoughts and opinions -- as usual indicating that we all "come from different places" in our views. For example, what to Mal is an original Sin "ad campaign" is the solid truth to others. Each to our own and we listen to others with respect.

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#3 Battle of Mutina - 43 BC (The Octavian Chronicles) Patrick Parrelli Patrick Parrelli

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The Expansion of Christianity - [PDF Document]

Hopefully without too many mistakes. The Greek Conquest B. But rumors were about that he was planning, if Carthage, won, to conquer all Greece with Carthage's aid. The victory of Zama had hardly been won when the Senate, which never forgave an injury, began to plot revenge upon Macedon.

Rome, the Senate felt, could never be secure with so strong a power at her back across a narrow sea. When the Senate moved for war, the Aswembly demurred, and a tribune accused the patricians of seeking to divert attention from domestic ills. In B. Quinctius Flaminius sailed against Macedon. It has an almost contemporary ring to it, I believe, and shows again that there is indeed nothing new under the sun. Propoments of war seem unable to understand those who would try other methods for solving problems.

Opponents of war understand war mongers well enought, but it isn't returned. What is unfair, thoughtless, and cruel is the personal contempt that supporters of war hold and voice for those with peaceful views. That, at least is the case currently. I would think it was the same way back in B. As I said before in another discussion - facts here reinforce what I am learning- that history repeats itself ad infinitum. When will we ever learn? Your recent posts have made me think about my own death and about disposal of the body.

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At the hospice where my husband died my two daughters helped the nurse to wash and lay out the body. They said they felt glad to help with this last bit of caring for their father. My husband discussed his entire funeral service with our pastor and what he wanted done with his remains with me.

He was cremated and his ashes are in a special container under a rose bush in our front garden. If I ever move the ashes can be retrieved and moved to another resting place. Quinctius Flamininus was a youth of thiry, one of that liberal Hellenizing circle which was gathering about the Scipios in Rome. After some careful maneuvering he met Philip at Cynoscephalae and overwhelmed him Then he surprised all the Mediterranean nations, and perhaps Rome, by restoring the chastened Philip to a bankrupt and weakened throne, and offering freedom to all Greece.

In the herald of Flamininus announced to a vast assemblage at the Isthmian games that Greece was to be free from Rome, from Macedon, from tribute, even from garrisons. So great a cheer rose from the multitude, says Plutarch, that crows flying over the stadium fell dead.

When a cynical world questioned the sincerity of the Roman general, he answered by withdrawing his army to Italy. What's going on here? He was part of a "liberal Hellenizing circle.